Noticing that toxic masculinity exists in a culture which has been patriarchal for centuries is neither “radical” nor “jargon.”

I’m not interested in being slapped down by you or anyone else, but if you ever need to get slapped, perhaps then we can talk.

[addendum: editing comment to point out what I thought was obvious here but has apparently been lost on some folks: my retort about slapping is flirty. Because it’s kinky, get it? Perhaps I should have added a wink. Hope that helps people who think I’ve been a cruel monster to poor David Reilly! But perhaps this is a good opportunity to point out how sometimes the emotions we bring with us to what we’re reading get projected onto the person whose writing we’re reading.]

Artist and historian. PhD student researching religion, material culture, media, and politics. Bylines at The Wire Magazine, Art in America + more.

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